The advantages of a state-of-the-art oil and propane company

When you buy oil or propane, it’s all the same stuff, right? Some people think it just doesn’t matter who delivers it. In reality, though, there are huge differences between a state-of-the-art energy company and a basic delivery service that’s behind the times – one that could leave you out in the cold. Here are three big advantages you get with a forward-thinking energy company:

Access to a steady supply      As we found out during the winter of 2013-14, some providers can actually run out of propane. And when it comes to heating oil, smaller companies may not have timely access to bulk supply. In contrast, Boyertown Oil & Propane has decades of supply management experience. Every single propane customer received prompt delivery last winter, and we control our own supply of 2 million gallons of heating oil.

Technology + service      Your company should be able to gauge when you’ll need to an oil or propane delivery based on usage patterns and weather. (Some can’t.) Your company should also have laptops aboard every delivery truck, which maximizes efficiency and enables us to make emergency deliveries quickly. (Many don’t.) Boyertown Oil & Propane also maintains staff so we can reach our customers 24/7/365. The more limited delivery services simply don’t have the resources to provide high-quality service.

Continuous training   We hire only qualified service technicians, who maintain their knowledge through continuous training. The benefit:  customers get the highest efficiency out of their systems – and the best advice. When you work with a company that can deliver heating fuel and service any heating system, you get piece of mind.

So, is all propane and heating oil the same? Not really — because there are huge differences in the value among the various suppliers.