Cool Crew Makes National News


Last year, the Rhoads Energy Family of Companies launched Cool Crew:  one of the largest, most experienced HVAC service and installation groups in Pennsylvania. That innovative move made waves in our industry — both regionally and nationally.

ACHR News, the leading magazine covering the heating and cooling industry, recently published a feature focusing on what sets Cool Crew apart. The publication was compelled by the story of a century-old company rebranding its core offering:  heating and cooling installation and service.

A few highlights from the article:

  • Mike DeBerdine, CEO of Rhoads Energy, noted that the company’s reputation as an energy products provider preceded its status as a heating and cooling equipment provider — a legacy of the company’s 105-year history as a heating oil and fuel distributor.
  • The company’s solution was to take its team of more than 50 service technicians — from Rhoads Energy and its all of its affiliates — and rebrand them under the Cool Crew: same uniforms, same wrapped service vehicles. The Cool Crew operates under the tagline ‘Expert Service, Hometown Values.’
  • DeBerdine explained that the decision to rebrand their team of technicians goes further than just a name change; it’s a conscious effort to shift their reputation from being an energy products company that does service work to an HVAC company that sells energy products.
  • DeBerdine said one of the ways to ensure expert service is to let employees know that they are valuable assets. Cool Crew technician and industry veteran Robert Yoh noted, ”It’s like a family atmosphere:” management goes a step further by hosting events that contribute to a positive company culture and help keep everyone on the same page.
  • Andy Marmar, a Cool Crew technician and field service supervisor, echoes this sentiment, explaining that this supportive atmosphere extends outside the office space. He said one key idea behind Cool Crew: whether you would do the same thing or act the same way if you were dealing with a family member.
  • One final thought from CEO DeBerdine: “I don’t want to be remembered as a company that just did service work …. I want to be remembered by a company that supported our veterans, supported education, and supported families and the community.”

Learn more about the Cool Crew team and the services it provides.