Fall Plumbing Tips


Fall is here and it’s time to start preparing your home for cooler weather. Here’s a few plumbing tips to get you started.

1. Disconnect garden hoses. If left connected, any leftover water in the hose can freeze and expand, causing faucets and any connected pipes inside your home to freeze and burst.

2. If your home has interior shut-off valves for outside faucets, close them and drain water from the outside lines.

3. Insulate pipes in unheated areas such as garages and crawl spaces to help prevent pipes from freezing.

4. Inspect and clean your sump pump and pit. Pumps that are exposed to extreme cold can freeze, preventing the pump from operating correctly.

5. Drain your hot water heater. This is especially necessary if you live in an area that uses hard water. Sediment can build up in the tank and rust could begin to develop. Fall is the perfect time to drain your hot water heater. Consider replacing your hot water heater now if it’s older than 10 years or starting to rust. You don’t want to go through the winter without a hot shower.