Five Summer DIY Tips for Improving Your Home’s Overall Cooling Efficiency

Small steps can yield big benefits and performance over the life of your central air conditioning system. Our service team shares five do-it-yourself tips for homeowners that will help improve their home’s overall cooling efficiency.

Tip 1 – Schedule Annual Maintenance.

Routine maintenance carries huge benefits for every system. Thorough annual service boosts efficiency, which lowers your cooling costs. It also prevents approximately 70% of all air conditioning outages and can increase the system’s lifespan by up to 50%. Yearly cleanings will also maintain the manufacturer’s warranty.

Our Cool Comfort Service Plan provides homeowners with an annual cleaning of their central AC system, a discount on future repairs and priority emergency service. Protect your system today with this valuable coverage plan!

Tip 2 – Ceiling Fans and Central AC Systems Work Well Together.

Fans create a wind chill effect and draw warm air up to the ceiling in a room when the fan blades turn in a counterclockwise direction. A ceiling fan also allows homeowners to raise the thermostat setting approximately four degrees with no decline in comfort. Switch the fan blade rotation in the winter for the opposite effect!

Tip 3 – Clean your Filter.

A dirty filter can impede airflow, which makes it more difficult for cool air to reach your living space. Blocked filters that are neglected for too long can cause coils to freeze, leading to a service call. During the cooling season, we recommend replacing your filter every month.

Tip 4 – Check Your Outdoor Unit for Signs of Damage.

Clear any leaves, grass clippings or debris that may have accumulate around or behind your outdoor unit. Throughout the summer months, be sure to check for any weeds and remove them to ensure the unit has proper airflow. If you are planting new shrubs or bushes to hide the unit, be sure to leave a two-to-three-foot space around the unit on all sides. This will allow adequate space for your unit to be serviced by our technicians.

Tip 5 – Set a Schedule on Your Thermostat.

By using a programmable thermostat, homeowners can help reduce their cooling costs and help maintain performance over the life of their HVAC system. Setting a schedule on a thermostat allows homeowners the flexibility to adjust the temperature in their home according to their schedule. Schedules can be set based on whether the home is occupied, or homeowners are awake or asleep. Once homeowners set the schedule for their system, there is no need to manually adjust the temperature every day.

If during the summer you experience any issues with your central AC system, contact our service team for an appointment to diagnose and repair the system to keep your family cool and comfortable.