Four End of Summer Cooling Tips

We’re in the dog days of summer. While summer is winding down, your central air conditioning system will still be getting a workout. Here are four end of summer tips that will help avoid inconvenient or expensive problems to get you through the rest of this summer and ensure your system is ready to go next year.

Listen to your system. An unusual sound – grinding, whirring, banging – can indicate a problem with your system. If you hear something out to the ordinary, contact us for a service appointment before a small problem becomes a major repair.

Take a look. Take time to visually inspect your system’s outdoor unit. Overgrown vegetation, branches and other obstructions can dramatically reduce your system’s efficiency. Be sure to clear any debris from around the unit to ensure proper airflow.

Double check your thermostat. Be sure you’ve programmed your thermostat for optimal energy performance. If you need to upgrade to a programmable one, contact us today. Several of the electric utilities have rebates available for upgrades.

Get a check-up. The end of the cooling season is a great time to schedule your annual maintenance. Not only does it maintain your system’s manufacturer’s warranty, an annual clean and tune-up boosts efficiency and extends the life of your systems. These annual checks reveal leaks, rust and wear and tear, which help to avoid inconvenient and expensive repairs in the future. If your system has not been serviced in the past year, call to schedule your annual AC system cleaning today.