“Heat smarter”: 5 ways to cut heating costs this season

As overnight temperatures dip into the 30s, it’s time to start thinking about the coming heating season. This year’s theme for winter:   Heat smarter. You’ll be seeing and hearing that phrase a lot, as we give the tools, programs and information you need to cut your heating bills.  This winter, heat smarter by taking a few savvy steps as autumn rolls around:

  • Check it out   Try out your system now so you know it operates properly. Also, make a visual inspection of your system, including the tank if you have oil heat. Notice any leaks or seepage? If so, call us right away.
  • Get it serviced   Annual maintenance extends the life of your system and keeps it operating at peak efficiency, which lowers your heating costs. For an oil heat system, a tune-up can improve efficiency by 10% or more – serious savings over a long winter.
  • Protect yourself – and save   If you’re not covered by one of our service plans, find out more today. Plans don’t cost much more than annual maintenance – which is included – but they also offer covered repairs, TankSure coverage, 24-hour emergency service and more. Plus, it’s simple to enroll – just give us a call.
  • Budget your payments  Our customers enjoy the option of stretching out payments throughout the year to avoid costly bills during the cold winter months. Budgeting your payments allows you to plan for a monthly bill that remains the same throughout the year, helping you avoid any surprise spikes over the winter season. Call today to sign up.
  • Get an estimate   If you’ve had your heating system for 10 years or longer, the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy recommends an evaluation by a qualified contractor. Why? Because new high-efficiency systems can save you hundreds in heating costs. If you heat with hot water radiators or baseboards, you could lower your heating bill by 40% — that’s $800 a year for an average home. An estimate doesn’t cost anything, but it could save you … a lot. Contact us today to start the process.