No ductwork? Mini-splits offer a cooling solution for older homes.

For thousands of older homes in our area, central air conditioning wasn’t part of the original construction. That leaves many homeowners turning to window units, fans, and other less effective methods for cooling.

For these folks, there’s an ideal alternative: mini-splits – a ductless system that provides efficient central air conditioning in “non-ducted” home. Mini-splits are a series of smaller units connected to an outdoor unit, together cooling various rooms in the home. The key advantages:

CONTROL: Mini-splits can be controlled separately, creating cooling zones that can be kept at different temperatures – a feature that helps trim energy costs.

COMFORT: Your home will cool more quickly, more evenly … and much more quietly than with window units.

FLEXIBILITY: With ductless AC, you don’t have to pay for costly renovations or added ductwork that robs your home of living space.

SAVINGS: Once you install a mini-split system, you can finally get rid of those loud window units that cost more to operate and ruin your view.

Think mini-splits would be a better solution for your home? Contact us today. We’ll send out a pro to evaluate your home and explain all the options.