AC Installation

Have Us Install a New, Efficient Cooling System in Your Home

A new, high-efficiency cooling system can make your home much more comfortable — and can cost thousands less in lifetime operating costs than your old unit. When you choose Vincent R. Boltz for an AC installation, you benefit from our:

  • Longevity: Our team members have an average of 12+ years of AC installation experience; we’ve installed thousands of systems in homes across Lebanon County.
  • Expertise: We’ve installed a wide variety of AC systems: different sizes, brands, and types, in homes of every size and shape. That background, and ongoing training with industry groups and manufacturers, ensures we know how to do your job right.
  • Equipment knowledge: Choosing the right AC system (a unit with the right size and Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) for your home), is critical to cooling performance … and to a long life for your equipment. Our AC installation team has sized and installed thousands of systems, so we help you select the best option for you.

Repair or Replace?

Maybe you’re wondering if you even need a completely new AC unit. If the air isn’t as cold as it once was or the unit runs loud, repair service might be what you need.  Typically, if the repair reaches 50% of the replacement cost, an upgrade might be the best choice.

Financing Options

We want to make your upgrade simple and hassle-free. If you decide to work with us, we have affordable financing options available to you. Ask us about financing and payment plans when you contact us for your A/C assessment.

Request a No-Obligation A/C Assessment

The first step is to determine together the right AC unit for your home and your budget. Contact us today.