Since 1925, Lebanon County homeowners have trusted Rhoads Energy to keep their homes warm and comfortable throughout the winter. This year won’t be any different, and we’re here to help make sure you are ready. Keep warm all winter long and put your mind at ease when you trust your heating needs to us!

Get an Upgrade

If your heating system is 10 years or older, we recommend consider replacing your current system with a high-efficiency system. Planning your installation now is far better than suffering through a catastrophic system failure that requires a mid-winter emergency replacement.

Whether you use heating oil, propane or natural gas, we’ll provide you with the best heating options for your needs. Plus save you money with manufacturer and utility rebates, Loyalty Point redemption and financing. Request a complimentary, no-obligation estimate today.

Schedule Annual Maintenance

Annual maintenance ensures your system is operating at peak efficiency. A cleaning can diagnose problems before they become expensive or inconvenient repairs. A properly maintained system can increase the lifespan of your equipment and keeps energy costs down.

Save even more by enrolling on one of our heating service plans. They include your annual clean-and-tune, parts and labor discounts and 24/7 emergency service coverage.

Go Automatic

Just sign up for this service and we’ll handle the rest! We track temperatures and your usage, then deliver your heating oil or propane to your home before you run low. It’s one less thing you’ll need to worry about this winter.

Bundle Up

Take control of your fuel costs with our Bundle Up Program. Qualified customers can lower monthly payments by spreading out fuel costs evenly over 12 months. No more large payments due after deliveries.

How can we keep you warm this winter?

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