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Be Cool With Mini-Splits

For thousands of older homes in our area, central air conditioning was not part of the original design. That leaves many homeowners turning to window fans and other less effective methods for their cooling needs. Mini splits are an ideal alternative!

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How Does a Ductless Cooling System Work?

Mini-splits, a ductless system that provides efficient central air conditioning in homes built without ductwork. Mini-splits are a series of smaller units connected to an outdoor unit, that work together to release cool air efficiently throughout a home. The system provides comparable comfort to central air conditioning systems without the requirement of installing ductwork.

Benefits of Mini-Splits:

  • More energy efficient compared to typical window units
  • Quieter operation
  • Improved overall home comfort
  • Secure installation
  • Ability to heat or cool individual spaces within your home
  • Increases the value of your home
  • No expense renovations required
  • Some models can supply heat

Ductless mini split system consists of indoor wall unit(s) and an outdoor unit.

Lennox mini split indoor unit.
Lennox mini split outdoor unit with remote.

Mini-Split Systems Are Ideal For:

  • Older homes with no central air or ductwork
  • Add-on rooms, sunrooms, and outbuildings
  • Rooms that are not regularly used
  • Areas adjacent to unconditioned spaces

Are Mini Splits Are a Good Solution for Your Home?

If you’re wondering if a mini-split system might be a good fit for your cooling needs, complete the form below or call 717-397-5277 — We’ll help you evaluate and explain all options available to you including rebates and special financing.