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This Summer … Just Chill

Get cooling season deals from the A/C experts

Now that it’s heating up, EG Smith offers three ways to keep you cool – and keep more money in your pocket.



Get a high-efficiency A/C system … and a rebate A new A/C system from Bryant offers far greater efficiency, better air quality, and lower cooling costs – as much as 50% lower. Call now, and you’ll also get cash-back rebates on any Bryant cooling system — savings ranging from $400 – $1,000 — plus great deals on financing. We’ll also help you find any available rebates from your local utility; you could save even more. Contact us today for a complimentary AC system evaluation.



Get covered with an A/C service plan – as low as $100/year! With our Cool Coverage Service Plan, you get annual maintenance that lowers your energy bill, prevents costly outages and extends the life of your system. Plus, you get 24/7 service and “No Charge” Parts & Labor Coverage on 10 key system components. Already have a heating service plan with EG Smith? We’ll add our A/C plan for just $100. Get the details here.



Get service that lowers your summer energy bill With EG Smith’s exclusive 15-point maintenance service, your cooling equipment gets a thorough cleaning and full system inspection. The result — higher efficiency that drives down energy costs. Schedule your A/C tune-up today, or enroll in a service plan that includes the EG Smith A/C tune-up.


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Did you know…

  • A high-efficiency A/C system can save you hundreds every year in cooling costs
  • 70% of all AC system outages could be avoided by annual service
  • Maintenance increases the life span of your A/C system by up to 50%
  • E.G. Smith has installed hundreds of A/C systems — our technicians have decades of experience