Boltz Community

Partnering for a Better Community

At Vincent R. Boltz, we have placed a premium on giving back both with our time and financially to support our local communities. We are proud of the strong ties we have in the community.

Lebanon County Libraries

The Library System of Lebanon County (LSLC) is made up of six independent public libraries serving the information needs of Lebanon county residents.

Humane Society of Lebanon County

The Humane Society of Lebanon County is the only animal shelter within Lebanon County and provides shelter, food, medical treatment and behavioral enrichment to our temporary animal residents and work diligently to facilitate their placement into new and loving homes.

Northern Lebanon Viking Foundation

The Foundation is dedicated to enriching the education, values, and cultural experience of the entire Northern Lebanon community by extending the current educational opportunities through innovative programs.

Lebanon County Special Olympics

“Let me win, but if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt.” – Special Olympics Oath

Business Memberships

We are also actively involved as members of the following local associations: