A Cleaner, Greener Energy Source: Ultra-Low Sulfur Heating Oil

On September 1, 2020, all heating oil sold throughout the state of Pennsylvania will be ultra-low sulfur heating oil (ULSHO). ULSHO produces significantly fewer emissions and it burns cleaner in heating systems. Best of all, existing boilers and furnaces can use it – no conversion necessary! All divisions of the Rhoads Energy Family of Companies have been delivering ultra-low sulfur heating oil.

ULSHO and traditional heating oil are both petroleum products distilled from crude oil. Compared to traditional heating oil, ULSHO has a drastically lower amount of sulfur content – only 15 parts per million versus 2,000 parts per million. Sulfur, which naturally occurs in fuel, does not burn. It will build up on the heat exchanger, which insulates your heating system from the flame. Lowering the sulfur content of heating oil reduces the amount of sulfur buildup and minimizes the need for heat exchanger cleanings.

What are the benefits of ultra-low sulfur heating oil?

Better for the Environment: ULSHO significantly reduces emissions and helps improve the air we breathe and our public health. Compared to traditional heating oil, ULSHO produces 97% less airborne emissions, up to 30% less NOx emissions and a 99% reduction in SO2 emissions.

Cleaner Heating Equipment: Compared to traditional heating oil systems, furnaces and boilers using ULSHO produce 40 times less soot. It also produces over 90% less ash buildup. A cleaner burn causes less boiler buildup, which means less frequent service appointments.

Increased Efficiency: Your heating system will run more efficiently using this cleaner-burning fuel. This means it takes less heating oil for your equipment to produce the same amount of heat and your fuel supply will last longer.

No New Equipment Upgrades Needed: ULSHO is compatible with current oil heating systems. No added costs or conversion needed. You’ll continue to enjoy the comfort and reliability of heating your home with oil.

Watch this video to learn more about ultra-low sulfur heating oil or visit PA Clean Fuel for more information.