Coatesville Fueling Station Offers Area’s Only Diesel Exhaust Fluid Pump

Rhoads Energy announced the completion of improvements to its Pacific Pride fueling facility located at 25 Fox Avenue, Coatesville. The newly renovated fleet fueling facility offers upgraded pumps – and a rare time-saving convenience for diesel drivers.

All the required upgrades have been completed to meet new testing requirements and ensure the environmental integrity of the site.

Rhoads Energy is a leading provider of residential and commercial services, including fleet fueling. It operates nine fully automated Pacific Pride locations in Central and Southeastern Pennsylvania. Pacific Pride locations offer 24/7, year-round fleet fueling service, quick access, cardholder-only fueling, and a variety of fuel grades.

In addition to fueling stations, Rhoads Energy’s fleet services include two complimentary fueling cards and tools that enable businesses to better manage their fuel costs.

The Coatesville upgrades included updates to the facility’s six pumps. Now, two pumps offer unleaded gasoline, two pumps offer truck diesel, one pump offers auto diesel, and the final pump offers diesel exhaust fluid (DEF).

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is an operating fluid required for a technology incorporated into heavy-duty commercial vehicles since 2010. By offering DEF via a pump, the Coatesville Pacific Pride enables drivers and fleet operators to avoid the standard practice for procuring DEF:  purchasing small containers from auto parts stores or other providers.

By enabling drivers to fuel up and top off DEF at the same location, fleets save time, reduce cost, and eliminate unnecessary plastic waste from store-bought DEF containers.

Like all Pacific Prides, the Coatesville location is built exclusively to serve fleet vehicles. Drivers can fuel up without the hassle, crowds and tight spaces found at convenience store pumps. For more information on Pacific Pride and Rhoads Energy’s fleet fueling services, visit