Perks of Being an Automatic Fuel Customer


One of the misconceptions about becoming an automatic fuel customer is that you’ll use more heating oil or propane – it really means you’ll have one less thing to worry about. As an automatic fuel customer, there’s no need to monitor your tank’s gauge and find time in your busy schedule to call to request your next delivery. We use special software that tracks current temperatures and your past usage to estimate when you are due for your next fill: when your tank is approximately at 25% remaining for oil and 30% capacity for propane customers.

Snow Delivery

Another perk of being an automatic fuel customer is that you don’t need to worry about any damage or danger that an empty tank can cause or any additional expenses like a prime and start or leak check. Plus, there are no additional costs associated with being an automatic fuel customer! The only time you’ll need to contact us about your delivery is if something has changed with how much heating oil or propane you use – things like you are no longer using an alternative heat source, you have more people living at your home, you are home more often than you have been in the past, you’ve added an appliance, etc.

If you prefer to manage your own fuel needs by monitoring your fuel usage, gauge and calling to schedule deliveries, being a will-call fuel customer is a perfect option.

Whether you’re an automatic or will-call customer, use our online portal to pay your bill with a credit card or automatic withdraw from your bank account. It’s another no-cost convenience we offer to allow our customers the flexibility to manage their accounts.

To enroll in automatic delivery for a stress-free heating season, contact our office today!