Fredericksburg station will fuel natural gas vehicles in commercial fleets

LANCASTER, PA — Rhoads Energy announced plans to install two compressed natural gas (CNG) pumps at its Fredericksburg Pacific Pride fueling station — the first CNG pumps in Lebanon County and among the first in the Central Pennsylvania.  The pumps will begin dispensing CNG fuel to commercial customers within weeks.

CNG is a clean-burning, domestically produced fuel that offers less volatile pricing than imported fuels. Fleet operators have made CNG an increasingly popular alternative to diesel because it cuts fueling costs by 30-60% and lowers emissions significantly.

CNG pump

The number of vehicles that run on compressed natural gas continues to grow in Pennsylvania. From 2012-14, the state issued $20 million in grants to convert vehicles to natural gas.

For the pump installation, Rhoads Energy partnered with U.S. Gain, which builds and operates CNG stations across the country. The partners selected the Fredericksburg Pacific Pride station at 725 Legionaire Drive, one of four owned and operated by Rhoads Energy, because it offers easy access from nearby I-78.

In the coming weeks, U.S. Gain will complete the addition of two high-flow CNG dispensers to the site, which will continue to offer diesel and gasoline fueling. According to U.S. Gain estimates, the new fast-fill CNG pumps will quickly ramp up to 100 fuelings per day.

Michael DeBerdine, III, CEO of Rhoads Energy, said that U.S. Gain, with its extensive nationwide experience, has been the ideal partner during the project’s development.

“The new CNG pumps will expand the options available to our region’s commercial fleets, enabling them to realize significant cost savings,” DeBerdine said. “As we move ahead, Rhoads Energy will continue to identify energy alternatives for our customers and work to bring them to market.”

Currently, there are 29 publicly available CNG fueling stations in Pennsylvania, according to the Alternative Fuels Data Center. The closest to Fredericksburg are located in New Holland and Pottsville.

About Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)

  • Natural gas powers about 150,000 vehicles in the U.S. and 15.2 million vehicles worldwide.
  • Natural gas vehicles reduce carbon monoxide (CO) emissions by up to 75%.
  • CNG costs 30-60% less than diesel, saving thousands of dollars per vehicle per year.
  • About 94% of U.S. natural gas used is domestically produced.

Sources:  Alternative Fuels Data Center, U.S. Gain


About Rhoads Energy    Founded in 1917, when Jerome H. Rhoads sold kerosene from the back of a rail car, Rhoads Energy has grown into a major energy provider in Lancaster and Chester Counties. Today, the company offers heating oil, natural gas and propane delivery; complete HVAC installation and service; and fleet fueling services. Rhoads Energy is still based in Lancaster and still family-owned. For more information, visit www.rhoadsenergy.com.


About U.S. Gain     U.S. Gain is a leading Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) provider offering fleet operators an environmentally friendly, cost-effective alternative to traditional fuel options.  GAIN Clean Fuel stations are strategically located for carriers along major shipping corridors and provide easy-access, fast-fill capabilities. U.S. Gain is on track to open 100 new fueling stations across the United States within the next two years. For more information, please visit: www.gainfuel.com.