Seven Ways to Use Propane in Your Home

You might be surprised by all that >a href=”/fuels/propane/”>propane fuel has to offer. Not only does it deliver comfort. You’ll also enjoy greater efficiency, energy savings, and the flexibility to live where and how you want. Here are seven ways you can use propane in your home.

1. Home Heating
Propane furnaces are the best choice for eliminating cold pockets in your home during the winter. You’ll get consistent, comfortable heat when you want it.

2. Water Heaters
With new efficiency standards, tankless propane water heaters are a far better alternative over electric water hears. They’re compact to fit into tight spaces, heat twice as much water in an hour and are more cost effective.

3. Cooking
Everyone should experience the joys of cooking with propane – more precise temperature control, pans heat quicker and more evenly than electric cook tops and ovens.

4. Laundry
Propane-powered dryers are gentler on your clothing, dry items faster, save money and produce fewer wrinkles.

5. Fireplaces
Propane-fueled gas fireplaces are designed for efficiency. They offer adjustable heat output for personal comfort and can be turned on with a switch, remote control or even your smartphone!

6. Outdoor Living
Expand your living space with features that add comfort to your life. Have a dedicated propane line to your gas grill. Never run out of propane as you’re getting ready for dinner. Add a fire pit or fireplace to your patio to raise the outdoor temperature. Add a propane-powered heater to your pool to extend the swimming season.

7. Standby Generator
Whether you want the convenience of charging your phone or opening your garage door during a bad storm or saving your food in your refrigerator or keeping your sump pump running during an extended power outage, a standby generator can be your propane-powered lifesaver.

If you would like to maximize the performance and efficiency of your home using propane, contact us.