Winter Weather Reminders


With another winter storm on the horizon, we wanted to share a few reminders to help keep your tank full and your house warm. No matter what kind of system you use, these winter storm tips will help keep your heating system running at peak efficiency — and keep our delivery drivers safe:

  1. Check your tank gauge now and place an order on our portal if you’re running low. Heating oil customers should order when your gauge is at 1/4. Propane customers should request their next delivery when their gauge is at 30%. We will be out delivering as long at it is safe for our drivers to be on the road.
  2. Mark your fill pipe. Place a reflector, fluorescent driveway marker, or a flagged stick near your fill pipe. Make sure the marker is at least two feet high so it can be easily spotted by a delivery driver. Take time to do this now, before heavy snowfall arrives.
  3. Please clear a path to your tank or fill pipe to provide easier access for your delivery driver.
  4. Remove any snow that accumulates above or around your fill pipe and vent pipe, so that air can escape from your oil tank during filling. This will prevent melting snow from falling through the vent pipe and into your oil supply.
  5. Clear any accumulation of snow or ice from the outside vents of your furnace or other natural gas appliances. This allows air flow necessary for safe operation. Blocked vents can lead to a dangerous build-up of carbon monoxide. Make sure your dryer vents are cleared as well.
  6. If you use a heat pump, keep it clear of excess snow. This will enable your system to maintain its capacity to heat your home and help prevent damage to your unit.
  7. If you lose electricity, please visit this blog post to learn how to restart your heating system.

With the snowfall expected to remain on the ground for several days, we ask homeowners to share these safety steps with your friends and family.

As a final reminder, our technicians will be available for in-home service and installation for as long as it is safe for them to travel. If you’re having a problem with your heating system, contact us immediately.