Commercial Natural Gas

Solutions for Commercial Customers

Homeowners should visit our Residential Natural Gas page.

Rhoads Energy provides commercial natural gas users with an important alternative to the big utilities. Here’s why:

  • Local provider, local service: Rhoads Energy enables commercial customers of UGI or PECO to get a competitive estimate on natural gas rates — same natural gas, same delivery lines, different rates. And, while natural gas rates fluctuate, we are often able to offer lower and more stable rates to commercial users.
  • Seeking solutions together: Our long-term business strategy: help customers solve problems. We operate as an advocate for the customer, helping to identify energy cost savings — even if that occasionally means directing a customer to another energy option.
  • Equipment expertise: Our team has installed and serviced hundreds of natural gas systems in all settings, including commercial applications. We also specialize in converting oil heat systems to natural gas, when that makes the most sense for a commercial customer.
  • You know your technician: Our customers enjoy top-notch service from certified natural gas technicians – highly skilled workers employed by Rhoads Energy, not subcontractors who may be from outside our area.