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Commercial Air Purification

Solutions for restaurants, offices, schools, and other commercial environments

There are many products available for improving indoor air quality, but there is no singular solution to address all indoor air quality (IAQ) issues.

Here at Rhoads Energy, we look to develop a well-balanced approach using a variety of solutions to address air quality issues in commercial environments.

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Air Filtration Solutions

Regular filtration within heating and cooling (HVAC) systems helps capture larger particles that are airborne and are called a static solution. These large particles need to find their way to filters – which is not always ideal when combatting airborne viruses and bacteria.

A different option is an active solution; one that is continuously working within the air stream to resolve IAQ concerns such as odors, mold, and disease control. A third option that is available is a device using a different type of technology – bipolar ionization.


ActivePure® Technologies

Air scrubber unit.

What It Is:
We offer a line of products that use ActivePure® technology to disinfect and purify not only the air, but also surfaces as well to minimize contamination, recontamination, and cross-contamination in real time.

What It Does:
The ActivePure® technology has been found to be effective against norovirus, Swine Flu (H1N1), MRSA, E. coli, and other illness-causing bacteria and viruses. Its effectiveness has also been tested against the virus that causes COVID-19.

Where It Can Be Used:

Applications include installation into ducted commercial HVAC systems, portable units covering spaces up to 3000 sq. feet and mobile units for vehicles and spaces less than 500 sq. feet.

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Bipolar Ionization

PlasmaPure HVAC device.

What It Is:
A device that’s installed on air handling units, furnaces, or duct systems that neutralizes airborne bacteria, viruses, and other particles.

What It Does:
The Plasma Air products we offer use ionization to charge molecules that are released into the air. As air passes through these products which are installed in HVAC systems, millions of positively and negatively charged oxygen ions are formed.

As these ions are dispersed into ductwork and indoor space, the ions attach to airborne contaminants – viruses, mold, bacteria, VOCs, and odors. Once attached, the ions neutralize the contaminants, rendering them harmless and unable to spread or cause infection.

These products have also been tested against its efficacy of particle reduction, bacteria kill rates, ozone avoidance, VOC reduction, and smoke particulate removal.

Where It Can Be Used:
These devices are suitable for use in office buildings, hotels, schools, hospitals, senior living facilities, and other commercial environments.

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