24/7 Year-round Fleet Fueling Service

Control Fleet Fueling Costs with Pacific Pride

Save money, save time

If your business operates a vehicle fleet, you know how important it is to control fuel costs. E.G. Smith partners with Rhoads Energy and Pacific Pride to offer critical advantages to fleet fueling managers and drivers:

  • Local service, national reach: Fleet fuelers who use Pacific Pride will get local service and support. At the same time, Pacific Pride offers a network of more than 57,000 fueling stations across North America.
  • Strategic locations: An E.G. Smith partner, Rhoads Energy, operates eight fully automated Pacific Pride locations in Central Pennsylvania that offer 24/7 year-round fleet fueling service, quick access, cardholder-only fueling, and a variety of fuel grades.
  • Greater control: Pacific Pride helps you control fleet fueling costs because you get complete information for every purchase: who, what, when and where.
  • Multiple payment options: Pacific Pride stations accept a range of fleet fueling cards including Voyager, Comdata, Fleet One, T-Chek, Wright Express, and TCH.

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To register your fleet for Pacific Pride Fleet Fueling, call our office at 610-670-1000 or use our online form.

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