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Natural Gas and Propane Service Plans

Higher efficiency, longer system life. Our natural gas and propane customers turn to our Service Plans because they know their system will run safely and efficiently. With our worry-free Plans, you get a range of benefits for one low cost:

Gas Heating Core Plan – $239/yr

  • Annual 19-Point Preventive Maintenance Visit. Our technicians perform a meticulous tune-up that includes filter replacement, combustion gas analysis, and a detailed check on vital components.
  • 15% discount. Save on all parts and labor related to repair work on your system.
  • Emergency service. Rest easy – you’ll get priority 24-hour coverage, with service charged at prevailing rates.
  • Discounted Diagnostic Fees
  • One-Year Warranty on any repairs related to your covered system

Gas Water Heater Plan – $139/yr

  • Annual Preventive Maintenance Visit. Includes service to burner and smoke pipe, plus lubrication of all bearings and motors.
  • 15% discount. Save on all parts and labor for repairs..