TankSure® Oil Tank Inspection

Proactive prevention of oil tank failure

Find flaws in your oil tank before it’s too late

When your heating oil tank springs a leak, it’s too late to prevent damage to your home – and the cost of a tank replacement. That’s why Rhoads Energy offers TankSure®. This service uses Ultrasonic Inspection to identify problems in aging tanks, enabling you to install a replacement BEFORE the tank leaks or fails. With TankSure®, qualified tanks also get a $1,700 credit toward a tank replacement. Here’s how it works:

  • During the annual service on your oil heat system, our technician measures the precise thickness of your tank with a specially designed ultrasonic device. These ultrasound readings allow us to identify a deteriorating tank before it becomes a hazard.
  • If your tank passes the initial ultrasonic test, you’ll get a TankSure® warranty for up to $1,700 if your tank requires replacement in the future.
  • Every year you remain in the program, Rhoads Energy will perform the ultrasound inspection of your tank during your annual service.

To schedule a TankSure® inspection, contact us today.