What are the benefits of enrolling in a budget plan?

A budget plan is an effective way to manage your heating costs. A single delivery of heating oil or propane can cost hundreds of dollars. Our Bundle Up Program offers customers the ability to spread their fuel costs throughout the year into twelve equal monthly payments.

How is my budget plan determined?
If you are a current customer, we review your heating oil or propane usage over the past three years to estimate an appropriate number of gallons to determine your monthly payment. Your annual service contact fee can also be included in your budget plan, if desired.

If you are a new customer, we ask that you provide insight into your past usage history, along with the size of your home, how many rooms and what appliances are using heating oil and/or propane.

Will my budget payment change?
We review budgets quarterly to ensure your payments are appropriate for your fuel usage. Your payment may fluctuate at this point due to weather or prices.

Can I lock in my price per gallon?
Yes, we offer a capped price plan for heating oil customers. When you enroll in this plan, you will never pay more than the capped-price-per-gallon. If the retail rate rises above the cap price, you still pay the cap price. If the retail rate falls below the cap rate, you pay the lower price. There is a fee to enroll in this plan.

What other benefits come with enrolling in a budget plan?
One the biggest perks of enrolling in a budget plan is being an automatic delivery customer. There’s no need to call our office to schedule your next delivery. We track current temperatures and past usage to determine when your next delivery should be scheduled. There’s no worry of running out of fuel when you’re an automatic delivery customer.

How do I sign up for a budget plan?
It’s easy! Call into our office to speak to a credit manager to discuss your past history and future heating needs.