Many homeowners don’t put much thought into their AC systems — until it’s too late. That’s why regular maintenance is so critical – in enables a qualified technician to identify a small, fixable issue before it becomes a major, expensive repair. Here are a few of the common issues our technicians routinely find – and repair:

Faulty wiring Improper wiring can prevent the system from receiving power, tripping the circuit breaker, and potentially becoming a fire hazard.

Low refrigerant If your AC is running low on refrigerant, it’s likely your system has a leak which needs to be located and repaired.

Malfunctioning fans If your fans aren’t running properly the system won’t effectively cool your home. The compressor could overheat and could cause internal damage to the system.

Frozen coils Frozen coils could be the result of a variety of issues, including airflow restrictions or low refrigerant.

Our AC systems are often out-of-sight, out-of-mind — until there’s a system failure on the hottest day of summer. Call us today to schedule annual maintenance for your A/C. Or, consider signing up for our A/C Cool Coverage Plan, which includes annual maintenance, 24-hour emergency service, and complimentary repairs on covered parts and labor — all for one low price.