Common A/C Problems

There are several reasons a central air conditioning system may not be cooling properly. Here are other common cooling issues homeowners in our area may encounter:

  • Thermostat difficulties: Is your thermostat set or programmed properly? Check that first, and you may prevent an unnecessary service call.
  • Dirty filter: A badly clogged filter can severely restrict the flow of air through your home, putting undue strain on the system and creating the potential for costly repairs. Keep fresh filters on hand, and replace them monthly.
  • Drainage problems: Your system has a drain that carries away the condensation that results from cooling warm air. On a humid day, a clogged or otherwise malfunctioning drain can lead to cooling problems – or a very wet floor around your unit.
  • Frozen coils:  This issue may result from filthy filters, low refrigerant, or another cause. Turn your system off and contact us immediately, so our cooling pro can find — and fix — the problem.
  • Limited airflow: If it seems like not much air is moving through your vents, you may have leaks or clogs somewhere in your duct work. In this instance, you’ll need an experienced technician to identify the location of the problem and offer solutions.
  • Low refrigerant: Your system may be leaking refrigerant or running low. If so, you’ll need a qualified HVAC technician to find and repair the leak and recharge your system.

Remember this:  your air conditioning system is only designed to lower the temperature in your home by a certain amount — 25 degrees or so below the outside temperature. On some very hot, humid days, Mother Nature may simply be too much — even for a properly functioning cooling system.

If you’re having problems with your A/C system, don’t wait until it becomes a catastrophe or system failure. Contact us today so we can have our cooling technicians take a look.