Do I need an annual service agreement on my HVAC equipment?


A service agreement or annual maintenance contract is an important item for all homeowners to consider. These contracts protect heating and central AC systems. HVAC systems are in investment for homeowners. To ensure they’re getting the full value, systems should be maintained annually. Think of a service contract as an insurance policy, but with added benefits.

One of the vital features included in our service contracts is a yearly cleaning and tune-up. This annual service ensures the system is running at peak performance. A more efficient system helps keep heating and cooling costs down and improves the lifespan of your system. Wear and tear causes strain and stress on components, especially motors. This additional stress can increase energy bills as the system works to compensate for the additional strain.

Another benefit of the annual cleaning is small problems can be diagnosed. They can be resolved before a major, inconvenient breakdown occurs. Some service contracts include “no-charge” parts in their plans. Most plans include a parts and labor discount on future repairs.

Most equipment manufacturers require annual maintenance to ensure the warranty on your system is valid. However, homeowners already have that requirement checked when they enroll in an annual service contract.

An additional benefit for Heating Oil Customers

For our customers who have heating oil systems, we offer an additional benefit in our service contracts. TankSure®, a valuable service that provides peace-of-mind coverage for your oil storage tank and helps protect your home, property and the environment. Homeowners with qualifying tanks will receive up to a $1700 credit to help cover the cost of a tank replacement. If the tank is not qualified for the program, homeowners receive a $200 replacement credit to upgrade their oil tank. During your yearly clean and tune, our technicians perform an ultrasonic inspection. For instance, they will check the tank’s wall thickness and other key components to evaluate when a proactive replacement is necessary before the tank leaks. For homeowners with underground tanks, a $200 replacement credit is available for upgrading a tank to one that is aboveground.

We offer annual service agreements for heating oil, natural gas and propane heating systems, central air conditioning systems, heat pump systems and water heaters.

For full details on our heating service plans and what each includes, please visit this page.