How can I get central AC in my home if I have no ductwork?


In many older homes throughout Central and Southeastern PA, central air conditioning was not part of the original design. Therefore, leaving homeowners turning to window unit fans and other less effective methods for their cooling needs.

A mini-split system is an ideal alternative to provide a more efficient cooling solution for homes without ductwork. This ductless system is made of a series of smaller units that are connected to an outdoor unit. The units work together to distribute cool air throughout your home creating a central A/C system without ductwork. Mini-splits offer comparable comfort to a central A/C system without the requirement of installing ductwork.

How does the system work?

A compact outdoor unit is installed outside of your home and it then connected to an indoor unit through a small hole in your wall. A single outdoor unit can work with up to 5 individual indoor units, providing homeowners with a customized whole-home comfort solution.

During the summer, the indoor unit transfers heat to the outdoor unit. As a result, reducing the temperature in that room. If the mini-split system is a heat pump, in cooler months, it reverses the process. It draws heat in from the outside to increase the temperature in a room to keep you cozy and warm. A mini-split system operates quietly and keeps cooled or heating air flowing without the typical starts and stop of a conventional system. This virtually eliminates temperature swings to provide consistent comfort. Watch this video to learn more about how ductless mini-split systems work. 

What are the benefits of installing a mini-split system in my home compared to a typical window unit?
  • More energy efficient
  • Quieter operation
  • Improved overall home comfort
  • Secure installation
  • Ability to heat or cool individual spaces within your home
  • Increases the value of your home
  • No expensive renovations required
  • Some models can supply heat
What type of homes and spaces are mini-splits ideal for?
  • Older homes with no central air conditioning or ductwork already installed
  • Additions, sunrooms and outbuildings
  • Rooms that are not regularly in use
  • Areas adjacent to unconditioned spaces

If you would like to learn more about how a mini-split system might be a good solution for your heating or cooling needs, contact us today. We’ll send out a pro to evaluate your home and review your options. Get ready to be cool all summer long!