When is the best time to replace my HVAC system?

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is when the best time is to replace an HVAC system. Our team recommends replacing your HVAC system in-between seasons when possible. Being proactive and having time to plan an installation is far better than navigating through an emergency replacement during the middle of a winter cold snap or a summer heatwave. Even in the case of an emergency, our installation department will provide temporary heat or cooling until your installation can be completed. We will utilize our large team of experienced technicians to replace your unit as soon as possible or as your schedule permits.

Another advantage of replacing your HVAC system in-between seasons is the availability to replace your system with more flexibility and to work around your busy schedule. As temperatures rise in the summer or drop in the winter, systems are working hard to keep your family comfortable. There is a greater chance of a system failure in many homes and more customers needing emergency replacements.

Additionally, most manufacturers offer savings through rebates in the early spring and fall months. Bundle manufacturer rebates with reimbursements from your electric or gas supplier to get the most savings.   Financing options are available throughout the year. These options provide credit-approved homeowners with a variety of payment options that best fit their budget.

How do I know when I should start looking to replace my HVAC system?

There are several tell-tale signs that indicate when it’s time to start planning your HVAC system replacement.

  • The age for your HVAC system is between 10 years or older
  • Your system has required frequent repairs
  • Your fuel usage has increased
  • Rooms throughout your house are unevenly heated or cooled depending on the season
  • Your equipment is noisy or makes unusual noises
  • The system doesn’t work as well has it has in the past

If you have experienced any of the above signs, contact us today to schedule a complimentary, no-obligation installation consultation.

What can I expect during my installation consultation appointment?

During the initial call with a Comfort Consultant, we’ll review your current system, what issues you’re experiencing, what your future heating or cooling needs are, and discuss any additional information needed to provide your quote.

During this time of social distancing, we can provide little to no-contact appointments for our team to come out to assess your equipment and replace your HVAC equipment. We also have the capability to video chat to review your system if desired.

Once we understand your current system and future needs, our Comfort Consultant will discuss several options and provide a quote including any available rebates and financing options.

Ready to replace your aging or inefficient HVAC system?

Contact our team to today schedule your complimentary installation consultation.