Rhoads Energy joined dignitaries for the Official Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at the Hempfield School District Bus Terminal and Propane Fueling Station. For this school year, Hempfield shifted to propane-powered bus fleet — the first district in Central Pennsylvania to shift to propane. The move provides the district with both fiscal and environmental advantages.

Rhoads Energy delivers and manages the district’s propane supply. The Fueling Station currently pumps more than 1,000 gallons of propane each school day, fueling 88 propane buses that transport 6,900 students.

The move to propane could save Hempfield $1.95 million in fuel costs over five years, and propane buses are cheaper to maintain than their diesel counterparts. Propane buses also improve the transportation experience for students – they are 50% quieter than traditional buses and cut smog-producing hydrocarbon emissions by 80%.

Hemfield Propane Event