Five Questions to Ask Your Bus Company About Propane

Make the best bottom-line decision for your district

Your district’s bus company can be a valuable partner – one that helps you make smart decisions about student transportation. Here are a few questions every district should ask its bus company:

  • “Can you offer an option that involves propane buses?” Many districts are converting to propane fueling. Find out why and how the transition works.
  • “Will you help us determine how much we’ll save with propane?” Basic calculations are available online, but your bus partner should be able to provide details.
  • “Will you explain the differences in maintenance procedures and costs?” Propane engines cost less to maintain – another huge advantage.
  • “Can you bring in partners to help us learn more about propane buses?” More input is better. Why not have a bus manufacturer and a propane expert present to your district.
  • “Propane buses are cleaner, quieter and less expensive to operate and maintain. Why shouldn’t we consider a transition?” It’s a big decision. Ask your bus company about pros and cons.
  • It’s a million-dollar decision, so it pays to learn more. Start a conversation with your bus company today.