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Rhoads Energy Sustainability By the Numbers

With over a century of trust in the energy sector, Rhoads is focused on its responsibility towards environmental stewardship. Our commitment extends beyond providing cleaner fuel options and that commitment starts with our team and how we choose to operate every day. Rhoads will continue to use innovative technologies in our industry to deliver cleaner fuels like biodiesel, propane, and natural gas. We hope to empower the communities we serve with energy-efficient heating and cooling home solutions. We will continue to remain focused on how our customers and team can work together to create a cleaner and brighter future for generations to come. We invite you to dive into our comprehensive resource library for insights into sustainable practices and the latest in green technology.

Propane Buses Supplied 231
231 Propane Buses Supplied

Each propane bus reduces emissions by 43% compared to a diesel bus.

Paperless Customers 13,094
13,094 Paperless Customers

We’ve helped customers transition to paperless correspondence to minimize waste, reducing 3,771 kilograms in Carbon Footprint.

Green HVAC Systems Installed 342
342 Green HVAC Systems Installed

Reduced total carbon footprint by transitioning customers to energy-efficient HVAC systems.

Here are a few practical ways we’re working within the community and with customers to create a cleaner energy future.

New Funding Boosts Cleaner, Greener School Transportation

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) unveiled a new round of funding, at least $500 million, for the Clean School Bus rebate competition. This initiative aims to transform school bus fleets nationwide, making them more environmentally friendly and protecting children from harmful air pollution.

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Sustainability Spotlight

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